The Trail Tracker Wayfinder is a sporty teardrop mini-caravan with a net weight of only 580 kg.

This trailer has incorporated all the best features of its brother Navigator — it’s equally mobile and powerful, while maintaining the classic teardrop design.

The chassis of the Wayfinder is made of 3 mm steel, and is equipped with a braked KNOTT torsion axle with R-14 steel wheels. It is galvanized and thus protected against corrosion. The bottom plate is provided with an extra protection layer and insulation.

The body is constructed from two layers of lightweight plywood with an insulating intermediate layer. In addition, the exterior of the body is lined in aluminum and finished with a scratch-resistant Raptor®Liner. Indestructible and very stable. The Wayfinder can be used all year round, ensuring comfortable operation at temperatures from – 40 to + 50.