The Trail Tracker Navigator is an adventurous teardrop mini-caravan, suitable for virtually any terrain.

The Navigator is robust and has no equal in terms of quality. The accommodation module of the teardrop trailer is encased for warmth-keeping, and the floor structure is additionally insulated with an air space. The Navigator can be used all year round, ensuring comfortable operation at temperatures from – 40 to + 50.

Like all Trail Tracker models, this teardrop trailer weighs under 750 kg when fully equipped. Therefore, the trailer can be used by any driver with a “B” category license, even coupled with a passenger car.

The Navigator is built on an off-road chassis. Made up of 3 mm thick steel, the chassis easily takes on all loads from the road, even at high speeds. Furthermore, the Navigator features a braked KNOTT axle (1300 KG) with leaf springs and shock absorbers, and has R-16 steel wheels with off-road tires. The chassis is galvanised and thus protected against corrosion. The bottom plate is provided with an extra protection layer and insulation. The wheels are framed by aluminum wheel arches!